Calin Rus

  • The general aim of ROMED1 is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the work of school, health, employment and community mediators, with a view to supporting better communication and co-operation between Roma and public institutions (school, health-care providers, employment offices, local authorities, etc.).

    The ROMED1 trainer's handbook was developed over five years of implementation of the ROMED1 programme, and is generally intended for trainers who followed a course of training for trainers in the framework of the programme. However, it can also be used by organisations - governmental or non-governmental - as a basis for new or adapted curricula for those working in a mediation context with or within Roma communities. It contains the key information trainers need to give a training course based on the ROMED1 methodology and on the human rights-based approach. The content of the materials should be adapted to the specific context of each country and to the profile of the mediators.