Europe Comics

  • Yan is on top of the world. School's almost out for summer, he's about to have a new baby sister, and he's going to be spending his vacation making a zombie movie with his best friend Nico. But on his way home from school, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and before he knows it, his life is slipping away... Things are no longer smelling rosy now that Yan's pushing up daisies. But for some reason, Yan's soul isn't going anywhere: his body may be rotting, but his mind is clear, and once out of his grave, Yan is determined to be reunited with his family. He may be falling apart, but he isn't about to let that happen to them!

  • Since becoming a zombie, Yan has been hiding out with his friend
    Nico. Though desperate to investigate his murder, he has no chance of
    keeping a low profile, looking very much like death warmed up.
    Fortunately, he happens to know a makeup expert, Alice, who offers to
    give him a much-needed makeover. But before she can help him, Yan
    gets dragged to a costume party being hosted by a familiar face. It
    seems like the perfect opportunity to scare out some details of his
    killer... until he spots his sister Mara, who is about to fall into
    the hands of a predator. Will he be able to wrest her away in time,
    while keeping clear of the authorities himself?