Palgrave Macmillan

  • Anglais Beckett Ongoing

    Gabriel Quigley

  • Anglais Canada's Public Diplomacy


  • Anglais Discursive Approaches to Populism Across Disciplines

    Michael Kranert

  • Anglais Climate Economics


  • Anglais World Literature and Ecology

    Michael Niblett

  • Anglais Food Supply Chains in Cities


  • Romanticism and the Contingent Self Nouv.

    Anglais Romanticism and the Contingent Self

    Michael Falk

  • Anglais Life and Society in Byzantine Cappadocia


  • Anglais Carnap's Ideal of Explication and Naturalism


  • Anglais The Erosion of Biblical Certainty

    Michael J. Lee

  • Anglais Disruptive Technology Enhanced Learning

    Michael Flavin

  • Anglais Shakespeare and the French Borders of English

    Michael Saenger

  • Anglais European Identity and the Second World War


  • Anglais Romanticism, Philosophy, and Literature


  • Anglais Success in a Low-Return World

    Michael J. Oyster

  • Anglais Political Autonomy and Divided Societies


  • Anglais Public Security in the Negotiated State

    Markus-Michael Muller

  • Anglais Civilizational Dialogue and World Order

    M. Michael